Our Programmes

(I) Skill Training Courses :

    Most of our training projects are of six months duration .The carefully designed courses are taken by qualified teachers . After the training the beneficiaries start earning independently, depending on the type of training. They do not have to pay any fees for training materials.
    Examinations are conducted by experts, certificates of proficiency and merit are provided to the trainees for each course. In most courses, the trainees are also given free professional kits for their own income generation.
    Regular training and production activities are taking place at our outreach centres at Amtala, Bishnupur, Mahmudpur and Kanyanagar.

(II) Taekwondo:

    The ‘Taekwondo’ training is imparted to all the beneficiaries in all the centres.
    Women's vulnerability and exposure to physical violence has been on the rise in recent times and one of the most effective ways to counter it is to impart Taekwondo training, a Korean martial art which gives them the wherewithal to defend themselves in such adversities.
    Karma Kutir took the initiative and started the first class with its batch of trainees in the beautician’s course and with the children at the crèche at Bosepukur.
    Soon after, Tata Shaktee in collaboration with Karma Kutir took this initiative to Amtala, Bishnupur, Mahmudpur and Kanyanagar in South 24Parganas. Not only does the training instil a sense of fearlessness, it also imparts a feeling of well being and good health. Karma Kutir feels that empowerment of women will not be possible unless their existence in the society is safeguarded.

(II) Beauty & Care training:

More than 10 years about 600 women have completed beauty and care training courses conducted at Karma Kutir with almost 100% placement.
We are grateful to Women’s World and Mirror Parlour for their active involvement in this course. As the beneficiaries belong from underprivileged section,
they are deprived of getting education and so, we provide them basic English communication classes so that they can present themselves in today’s society.
Taekwondo training is being provided to the beneficiaries for their self defence against the atrocities and violence often faced in the society, and for betterment of their health.

(III)Batik training & Kantha work:

    ‘Batik’, a traditional art of Bengal, merely seen today, is being revived exclusively by Karma Kutir.
    Kantha is a type of embroidery in West Bengal practiced mostly by the rural women.
    Many beneficiaries are being trained in Batik and Kantha work, and they get absorbed by Karma Kutir in Self Employment Centre after the successful completion of their six months training.
    Our Batik & Kantha work has been appreciated not only in India but all over the world.

(IV)Tailoring training:

Many beneficiaries are being trained in Tailoring and Stitching, and they too get absorbed by Karma Kutir in Self Employment Centre after the successful completion of their six months training.
The trainees get into several well known boutiques as successful tailors.

(V) Computer Training:

Several batches of needy youngsters and women including board dropouts due to financial problems, are been trained in Basic Computer Skills and Spoken English during the last few years. The trainees get placed in well known organizations thereby securing their future.
Allied development programmes for beneficiaries include personality development and counselling, awareness building, educational visits, workshops, participation in cultural events.

(I)Post- Training Support:

Most beneficiaries trained in fine hand embroidery join Karma Kutir’s Self Employment Centre (SEC) as a first step towards economic betterment. We provide a steady market linkage for their products through our Show Room and special exhibitions are organized every year.
Karma Kutir also plays an active role in ensuring decent employment opportunities for beneficiaries from other courses. Placement records for our Beauty and Care training and Computer training courses are embarking into a new dimension.

(II)Our Crèche at Bosepukur centre:

We provide care daily for fifty needy children of working mothers in the community. It is registered under West Bengal Social Welfare Board. Apart from enjoying pre-school learning and nutritious food, the children participate in sports, art, music, dance and elementary Taekwondo lessons. Picnics are often held where there is active participation of the children. Karma Kutir provides uniforms, school bags and different types of study materials to the children.

(III) Health Awareness Initiatives:

Karma Kutir conducts health check-ups for trainees in various courses every six months and for the crèche children every month. This has been possible because of the generosity of a number of medical practitioners. In collaboration with Inner wheel club of Belur, Lion’s club, and Calcutta Metropolitan Club, Karma Kutir has been regularly organizing awareness programmes on women’s health issues at its Bosepukur centre, mainly focusing on underprivileged women of the community.

(IV) Legal Awareness Initiative:

Various renowned lawyers often take initiatives to make the women aware of their basic women rights and violence against them and how they should tackle themselves from falling to a victim of those atrocities.

(V) Exhibition:Karma Kutir organizes exhibitions twice in a year, where some Ngo’s and small entrepreneurs take active participation. We display our Kantha and Batik and tailoring products made by our beneficiaries who belong to the underprivileged section of our society. Apart from our own exhibition we take part in different other exhibitions.

Buying a product at Karma Kutir Exhibitions / Showroom:

  • • Makes a unique gift – at home or abroad.

  • • Empowers the woman who crafted it and,

  • • Preserves the handicrafts heritage of our country.

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