Karma Kutir runs two crèches for children of living in the slums of Bosepukur Road. Those mothers mostly work as domestic helps in nearby areas. The crèche provides them with a safe place for their children when they go out to work, besides preparing the children for mainstreaming as they grow up. At present the crèche operates at Karma Kutir premises at 119, Bosepukur Road, Kasba, Kolkata - 700 039. This project is partly taken care of by West Bengal Social Welfare Board, under Rajiv Gandhi Memorial National Crèche Scheme for children of working mothers.

Children, no matter which strata of society they are coming from, get traumatized at the time of their first entry into the school system. In course of time, most of the children get used to and incorporate the discipline of school life in their own system. However, the follow-up studies show that the children from the socio-economically marginalized families find the process difficult. This difficulty on their part may largely be due to the lack of support system in their families. This is probably one of the reasons for the high rate of dropouts among those children.

For effectively bridging the gap between the naivety of the child's initial world and the external world of school discipline, Karma Kutir conducts preparatory exercises in the crèche. The motivation level of their families is expected to get a boost from it. The lack of support system in the marginalized families i.e. the absence of educationally congenial social atmosphere may be constructed through such programme. Crèches definitely have the potential to play a decisive role in helping those children come out of the quagmire.

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