Karma Kutir is a Registered Voluntary Social Welfare Organization. Having full faith in the innate capacity of women, Karma Kutir has dedicated itself to empowerment of disadvantaged women in rural and urban India through provision of vocational training, production and marketing facilities and creation of self-employment opportunities. Karma Kutir works for capacity building of underprivileged & needy women for the empowerment.
Karma Kutir upholds the dignity of human life in all its activities.

Karma Kutir runs a Show Room in Kolkata where large and beautiful arrays of handicrafts made by Karma Kutir beneficiaries are displayed for sale.
The exhibitions organized by Karma Kutir, are also great opportunities to showcase Kantha, batik and other artistic products crafted by beneficiary women. Through all these initiatives Karma Kutir not only provides a livelihood for needy women, but actively promotes and preserves Bengal’s heritage art forms. Karma Kutir has also been running a multi facility crèche for more than 20 years for needy children of working mothers in the community.
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Awards & Activities

  • Traditional Kantha work: Karma Kutir has been a pioneer in reviving, refining and popularising this folk craft of Bengal.
    The exquisite motifs and designs produced through fine Kantha stitching have become a well known hallmark of Karma Kutir.
  • Batik or wax painting on cotton and silk material
  • Cutting and Tailoring
  • Computer Course
  • Welfare of children
  • Beautician’s Course
  • Allied and Parallel Programmes

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News & Updates

Our Founder

Dr. Phulrenu Guha ( 1911 – 2006 ) Founder President of Karma Kutir and Beloved Mentor

Dr. Phulrenu Guha has been and will remain a shining emblem of selfless devotion to the cause of women’s advancement in India.

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Past Donors

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